Friday, January 23, 2009


sometimes i think that we could be
more than just friends & everything'll be peachy
but i know that that will never be..
i know that you can handle me..
because i'm too much i speak whats on my mind
i say certain things and i cross over all lines
i cant be subdued i have to break through
and you never knew these things were untrue
i may not love you but i still know
i kinda "dig" ya, but oh
you want more than i can give
you want me to be apart of a life i can't live
you want me to cry whenever you're away
you want me to go when i want you to stay
i can't be a princess i can't be a queen
i can only be me, and that is more than it may seem
maybe i'm too aggressive maybe i'm too blunt
maybe i need counseling, there's no need to front
maybe i need some answers you're not willing to explain
and then you wonder why i'm so lost and insane
i busted your windows maybe even key your car
but these simple things only go so far
i cause you some pain, maybe the same pain as me
but then i see you and you seem happy?
i don't understand why you seem unchanged
and i run around looking lost and deranged
you never apologize unless you need some love
but when i need it i don't get what i deserve..
i need way more than you're willing to give
and you don't understand this isn't just adlibs
i'm saying whats really in my heart.
i can't believe you wanna press restart...
i cant i wont i say it you don't
i cant i wont i say it you don't
i cant i wont i say it you don't
i cant i wont i say it you dont.. .

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