Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sobriety V. Inebriation

I am always in a constant battle with myself. I fight myself daily with the issue of what is wrong versus what is right. I am always contradicting myself with what I say by my actions. And I think... why does it matter? Am I happier when I am sober or when I'm completely oblivious to reality under the influence?? If I give up all the wrong in my life, and its still shitty.. what's the point? The reality of things is we have choices to make.

To either live life completely unhappy and struggling until there is a ray of hope.. Or ride this train to the station of self destruction..

It is a constant battle.. We all have our vices.. Sometimes I wonder if its good enough to just be GOOD or should I just give it all up to be bad.

Well for your listening pleasure; enjoy the sober v drank songs ;):)

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