Sunday, January 25, 2009

U better Work!!

today my future fiance told me that i was materialistic, so false.. i told him that if i was, i'd never had started talkin to him cuz he never dropped stacks on me.. And if i was all about the material things then trust he'd have to break bread..

but im not like that. i think im the only girl who'd prefer to get her own than to have some guy do it. hahaha. so stupid right?? And even though i don't have a job trust that I WORK for everything that i've got.. Believe that.

My week has been crazy.. games of dare & drunken nights.. ughh thats for another time.

Why are people pretending to be something they're not on facebook?? lol.. i mean, i usually don't do this.. and i mean.. putting ppl on blast on the internet is sooo high school but trust im inches away from letting it be known what it is. I just feel like this person, who i will name later own has been gettin a little beside herself acting like she is just miss IT.. And i just gotta let her know that just because you fuck alot of guys doens't mean you're popular.. it means you're a jumpoff honey. Of course alot of guys know you cuz like shawty lo, you've fucked em all.

I mean, i'm all for female empowerment, embracing your sexuality and all that but jsut think about it Silly.. you braggin about being VIP & gettin into parties free.. Anybody can get in a party free.. Anybody can be VIP.. been there done that. But to try and talk down on other people like you just have amazing Style and ppl just hate you because you be everywhere.. no no honey. you're just stupid. And she had the nerve to say she should give someone a makeover?! Honey needs to take her own advice.. i mean damn.. chick is wearing the same shit to every party that she's had since freakin 10th grade. I mean really, peasant blouses?? with the elastic banding around the chest?? YOu think you're fly?? hahaha.. and not the same skirt that i wore to my 7th grade homecoming.. ha! But see i didn't have to do that.. i'm just upset that she's trying to talk down on people & then accuse others of doing the same.. Hell yes i talk about ppl.. but do i do it to make myself feel better?? nah.. obviously she does..

This chick wrote a note, obviously talkin bout me.. then deleted it. lol.. Named people in it who are supposedly her ride to dies and guttahs but truth be told some of the ppl she named are the main ones who be talkin bout her DuMB ass. But heyyy how else would i have known alllllll her business.. I tried to tell her but hmmm alright she didn't listen. Thats your dumb ass..

Oh and she doesn't know that i KNOW that she felt like i took her place when i came back home.. smh. silly silly.. she doesn't know that i can let the lion out the cage for this one.. oh but trust, if you want to play silly little childish games and get with it, i'm the perfect candidate cuz thats my ol' pastime.. i was the blog queen. lol trash talking comes effortlessly but i was trying to be cool and NOT do that.. haha.. she done pushed my buttons.. makin me go back to my old ways..

stay tuned..

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