Friday, January 29, 2010

Do we look Alike?

Mommy, Shena & Me

Do we look alike?? She is my 14 year old sister. I kinda see the resemblance. That is all :)


2:20 said...

What? That's your mom?! Nice! She also looks like she could be your sister. Please have her share her youth-beauty secrets with the rest of us!

Tiffany said...

Yes you all do look a like.

Bee Michelle said...

Yes. that's my mother.. She's 42. Her youth-beauty secrets are:

she's NEVER worn makeup other than eyeliner & lipstick.

& she drinks alot of water.

& good genetics :)

2:20 said...

Thank you!

- the minimal makeup I can surely manage!

- the daily H20 intake will start today!

- the genetics? arrgh! they have foiled my plans yet again!!

Bee Michelle said...

Yes her skin is really flawless. She tells me that I shouldn't wear makeup but my skin isn't as clear and smooth as hers. She uses Ambi black bar soap to cleanse it. It looks so young. No wrinkles. I don't even think I have her genes. But the water thing is a must. lol. Drink up.