Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My name is Brittney & I blog. I blog about things that no one should care about but me. I just needed a place to express myself since I don't have the ability to express myself verbally all the time. Many people say that I'm annoying.. Many people get annoyed by me talking all the time or filling up their timelines with my blabber jabber. I can't help it! It's word vomit. I must let it out. I must say what I feel or think or my mind will explode. I get headaches when I keep things internalized for too long. THIS is why I started blogging. I've always kept a diary but I wanted something that would be here FOREVER.. so I came online :) So if I annoy you, sorry.. This is therapeutic to me-- even if that is CLICHE; its sooo freakin true ;)

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