Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Uncool Kids

On twitter everyone wants to appear cool by posting #MM or #nowplaying the hottest or hippest song out.. or something really cool that they thick Nobody else is on.

Everyone appears to love Sade's "Soldier of Love".. I don't. I guess I'm not cool..

Sade was before my time. I never got into her music because the only OLDIES I know are uptempo dance hits or that real down south sangin shit.

The only Sade song I know is Smooth Operator.. & the only part I remember is the part that the always play in those midnight soul/groove cd infomercials-- "he's a smooth operator... Smoooooth operator.."

So yes, don't be phony. admit that you like that new nicki minaj & cassie song where she calls ol' girl a female dog-- literally "Cassie, You a bad bitch Ima call you Lassie" C'mon now!! NO Nicki. Uber Fail :)

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