Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sexy 'Kini

The SB plan is MIAMI as of right now... So I went to vickie's to see what swimsuit I'm gonna buy after I hit this gym HARDCORE & lose about 20lbs before March. Well, lets just saw my friend Megan found this sexy ass suit i fell in love with but there is NO WAY in hell I will be able to fit any part of my 160+lbs body into this.

*Sigh* Times like this i wish i could have NO ass for a day. You know what, my vagina couldn't even FIT into that thing!! SMH
Anywho, faithful reader's- Bee shall keep you updated on her diet endeavors. I'm thinking about trying QuickTrim too! Lets see how svelte & lean & toned I look by March 10th. OH yeah-- can somebody find me a cute 'kini?! I'l love you forevers..

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