Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm in the process of buying a vibrator. If all I need is a physical pick me up, no need to call on another to do what I can do in the closet by myself :)
I had to keep myself from texting Otis today. I thought about him so I was just gonna say "hey.. how are you?" but then I remembered.. He has a gf =/ and even though it was just going to be an innocent HELLO I had to respect that-- especially since I know her and I'm not trying to have an enemy just because I'm wondering how he's doing.

I can just ask his brother. Or not. I'm sure he's fine.

See, I'm changing:). I was wanting sex today.. and last night.. shit ALL week long really. But I couldn't see myself going back in time. Progression people!! Let's move on.. *sigh*

It was fun while it lasted though:)

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