Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just a thought..

Just thought of this.. It may be wrong but I vividly remember being in 3rd grade all of the GT kids got Dum-Dum suckers during TAAS bc we were "smart" & the other kids got Smarties bc they were.. well u know =/ But umm yeah know you guys know why they always gave you smarties during TAKS/TAAS. I always had the dum-dums just so you know.. i CAN'T believe the Teacher's were soo ruthless back then!! Mrs. Horner actually said "Here's some dum-dums for our smarties!! And these Smarties are for those other kids"

Sorry to everyone who had to eat the smarties during standardized tests =/
TAAS= Texas Assessment of Academic Skills TAKS= Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (TAKS was a wee bit more difficult that TAAS BTW)

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