Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wait til you see my smile

Are you STUPID?! Let's be real here for ONE freakin minute.. Do you not know how lucky you were to even have the chance to get my number? Let alone get the goods & lowkey my heart? hahahaha.. Bee doesn't fall for just anyone & she gave you multiple chances but you blew it. I could bash you & slander your name.. I could hurt your feelings.. I could really just fuck your whole world up.. but I won't. Why? You can't help it that you're still an immature asshole that probably won't ever grow up & I was settling for you anyways.
I should have just kept it moving ages ago but noooo I had to give you another chance. I had to give you the benefit of the doubt. I had to lower my standards and make a way for you. Besides the sex what were you good for? Nothing. You only loved me from afar.. & please don't sit up and act like you NEVER said those three little words to me. You know you meant it. You're just stupid. Thank God I'm better than that.. Wiser than you think. so take a LOOOOOONG hard look at my face, you see that BEAUTY?! No other woman you will ever date will be as BEAUTIFUL as me, as INTELLIGENT as me, as WITTY as me, as ENTERTAINING as me.. I was the ultimate Upgrade. It doesn't get any better than Bee. So these lucious lips, my curvy hips, my lovely breasts, my sweet ass, my seductive eyes, my smooth skin, my sexy voice, my tasty cakes-- Say Bye Bye to them. You will never find another like me.

Signed Sincerely,


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