Thursday, January 7, 2010


Everyone wants to know this: Are you gay? How many people have you slept with?...
Does my sexuality matter? Must I proclaim my heterosexuality EVERY day just to satisfy you? Would shit change if I told you I preferred vagina to penis? NO. It wouldn't. It would still be cold outside if I were a lesbian.. & I'm pretty sure I would still be single. :)
It has never been a secret that I enjoy sex and that I have had multiple sex partners. The number does not matter. If you want to know soo damn bad just GUESS. You can say I've had sex with over 50 guys if it pleases you. I wouldn't mind at all. Why? My sex life does not define me. I am always asked that question.. I am not about to let you LABEL me as a whore based on the fact that I have had sex with X number of guys. PLEASE call me a whore now. I was called a whore after only sleeping with ONE person. Hell I was called a whore when I was still very much virginal. Do you really think that shit would hurt me now. The only reason why I won't disclose the number of people I have had sexual contact with is because it is MY business. I know I am an open book & i pretty much put it ALL out there but some things are just too much. You only want to know so you can talk about it. I give you enough to talk about already.


Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

I love the candidness! Fuck'em because what lies between your thighs should not minimize or cause a need to read between the lines... you are a woman, bold, opinionated and from the raw uninhibited way you state your point, deftly intelligent so show these curious georges both sides of your ass to spit shine... tongue I thoroughly enjoyed- Pro

Bee Michelle said...

You definitely put a smile on my face :)

Thanks hun!

"so show these curious georges both sides of your ass to spit shine... tongue optional.."


Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

then my job for the day was done! *waves* hey grrrrrrrrrrrrl! :0)