Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Real World DC

Damn Calli from the Real World..
I was bout to rep you hard & i don't even watch that show. Had me believing you were a fellow Hornet. was THIS close to showing you that good ol' hornet pride. Now I see you're just a faker. Another outter towner tryna down Huntsville. smh

Like I've said before-- You CHOSE to come here; You could've been anywhere but you came HERE. We didn't ask you to come. Did just fine without it; Would be even better without you.

Claim Galveston girlll...


I was really trying to figure out why I never saw this girl! I knew something was up when on her bio @ she mentioned that her classmates made fun of her bc she lived in a warehouse and fell on hardtimes. Now you know half of Huntsville is on "hard times". We don't make fun of you for your LACK of money-- Shit..

that is all. I love my huntsvillians.. heyyy!

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