Friday, January 1, 2010


Its a new year. I should be doing something different for the blog...
you knw i wont ;)

what did i do last night? not a damn thing. it was like my 21st bday revisited. Boring as hell. I stayed home & watched tv. saw the ball drop TWICE. Shouts to the EST.. I miss ATL

daddy had some cheap ass champagne from HEB-- Andre. Disgusting. I havent been drunk since last year =]

i guess i wanna reflect on some things. Transformations? Hmmm.. I stole the car today. Drove to the elementary school to steal wireless. My hands are freezing. Can barely text.. guess I shall update later. enjoy 2010. i'll write more later i guess..

baked brownies today.

didn't wanna eat cabbage & shit so i made a baked potatoe. we didn't have bacon bits so i cooked some bacon and chopped it up. im so resourceful. i also added bbq sauce.. chopped up some ham.. You know how i do.

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