Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Roc

I was reading "a tribe called Ves" & I came across a post that i loved. I hate that I think of shit but don't post it.. & then when I see it on someone else's blog I think "damn.. now i can't put it on mine.." but this time i'm breaking that rule. I'm stealing from Stacy. Here's the back story..
So.. Before I AM..SASHA FIERCE was released I scoured youtube every day to here leaked tracks. New Shoes was one.. & Roc was another one. I thought it was cute how Bey was callin Jay her "Rock/Roc". (Roc-A-Fella).. FFWD to now. I'm sittin at Mother's house tweetin my heart away when i hear "You are my roc.. " I stopped. HOW did mother have that song?! I thought I was the only cool one here.. *sigh* & the cutest thing??-- It was the ringer for when her husband calls. Adorable =] I bluetooth'd that damn ringer straight to the LG. Hoping & praying that one day it will be the personalized ringtone for a special guy who will be my "Roc". A girl can dream huh?

**Thanks Stacy**

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