Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Maybe the problem is me. If every guy has the same complaint about me then I can't really blame them right?

So like in 8th grade HE told me that he couldn't be with me because I was "too goofy". I didn't believe I was. Maybe I laughed too much at things.. He said I needed to be more serious. So I was. We were ying&yang for a brief moment in time but eh nothing worth writing about..

A few days ago another HE said the exact same thing. I don't take shit seriously. Everything is a big joke to me. Excuse me for laughing at the dumb shit you say. If you thought what I thought you'd laugh too..

So maybe the problem is me. Every guy calls me crazy. Every guys can't take me seriously. Every guy thinks I am THIS way so maybe I should just accept that & move on.

I'm not going to change ever.. I've been Brittney for too damn long. Either you're with this or you're not. I'll show you the door Beyonce style.. filing my finger nails & all. 2 da left ya ass ;)

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