Friday, January 1, 2010

HairStory of Bee :)

In 2008 I had Hair Like this..

October 18, 2008 was my last relaxer. I promise I became natural by accident. I just didn't wanna perm my hair anymore..

In January 09 I cut some more of it off.. Shaved the back.. & still no relaxer. Just flat iron.

By April the shaved back started to curl.. along with the rest of my hair. I could NOT get it to lay down for shit & i fell in LOVE with my curls. This is when i decided to go Natural.. Weird bc I went permless for 6 months before even giving my tresses a second thought.

Notice the straight ends, curly spirals in the middle and nappy roots. Thats my bangs area. It is STILL the same texture as always. Lol.. I cut the same section monthly and it still grows from the roots silky & loosely curled. SMH

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