Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Twitter has some of the WORSE trending topics ever.. You can definitely tell that young uneducated individuals are in control most of the tim... *sigh*. Tonight was no different. The current #TT is #ARealWifey.. For some odd reason this was unsettling to me. What exactly is a "wifey" & why are some ladies quick to accept this term of "endearment"?
To me wifey is just a nicer way of saying main chick; You know the #1 in a guys life who is clearly fucking around with a bunch of girls. Wifey may be a step above the jump off but she is NO different. She is still getting used. She is NOT the girlfriend. She is NOT the Fiance. Definitely not the WIFE-- She is merely the one who gets the most love out of the line up.

Unless he has stood in front of "God & a whole bunch of people I don't like" & said I Do to YOU, signed those papers, & put a ring on it-- You my dear are just another girl.

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Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

and the church says "AMENNNNNNNNN!"