Friday, May 14, 2010

4 Lokos & Bud Lite Lime

I had this AWESOME idea to put together a band-- Called Vividly Bland of course. Full of girls who can barely sing.. Can't rap/freestyle at all but were just so freaking cute.. and mediocre in their music abilities. Why?? Well last night I was at this bar called Copas. While waiting outside of the bathroom I realized that the light was-- RED! Super geeked. I instantly felt sexy (like how at every step competition they throw on the red light when the steppers slow it down & grind & do their sexy moves..) What does Bee do? Well I break out into an impromptu performance of Red Light Special by TLC. What part did I sing??

If you want me let me know it, I'll make time but you've got to show it. If you need me I want to see but don mistake me i don't want you down on your knees.. i need someone, a real man. i need someone who'll understand.. I'm a woman. A real woman. I know just what I want I know JUST WHO I AMMMMMMM HEYYYYYY!

then i sung the chorus. I went off. I was also on camera the whole night dancing. Some dude was performing & was being taped for some show on Telemundo. I made friends with the cameramen. My favorite part? When the DJ played some old ass song .. "ooh you're dancing real close-- making it hard for me." so he was singing the part "... yeah boo I like it know i cant deny it but i know u can tell i'm excited ooh yeaaa" all up on my neck n shit so in true Bee fashion I waited until the next line to push him up off me whilst singing "STEP BACK YOU'RE DANCING KINDA CLOSE..." lmao. Classic. I had fun. Blame 4lokos & Bud lite lime. Yes I drank a bud.

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