Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i've just realized that if i DONT drink a 4loko prior to any event, i will be a stuck up bitch the whole time.. smh. 

I give my friends the best relationship advice even thought I've been single for YEARS. Why? Because I've dealt with all of the BS & drama guys put me through and I know how to deal in those type of situations. Been there done that. So yes ladies, you CAN listen to your single friend's relationship advice. 

I actually like to wear beaters without a bra..

I'm the best kisser I know. My lips were made for kissing. Until I find a man i shall be kissing myself with my awesome lips. Mwah 

I always make the first move. Even if its a wink or a smirk, when i want you- you know. Hehehe

Sometimes when im about to umm 'orgasm' i hold my breath. Is that normal?

#TeamIFlickMyBean #TeamSelfPleasure #TeamMasturbation #masturbationmayhem & i never feel guilty afterwards

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