Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Proposal..

I hate technology. I believe that my first "official" marriage proposal happened the other night via text. Yes, he-- the Jamaican, had the audacity to drunkenly propose to me. It all started when I was sitting on the couch at my white homies house bored and decided to text a few menses and see what was what. He informed me that he was driving home drunk. *sigh* Bee is a big worrier. I always have a feeling that someone close to me will die a tragic death at a young age as punishment to me. So I texted him back 15mins later or so to check on him. I guess he was so happy that he decides to text me saying "Im home babe I love you so much lets get married get on skype". Yup, that is the official marriage proposal. He sent a cluster of other  I love you texts coupled with some more I wanna marry you texts which my only response was "You're drunk.. talk to me tomorrow when you're sober". To my surprise he still felt the same way the following morning.
I still didn't believe him so I refuse to say it back. Whether I do love him or not.
I'm not USED to being told "I love you" from a guy whose really meant it so when I hear it, I brush it off. I believe it bu I try to not let it consume me. I try to not let my heart get too full of mush and all things love related.
I have commitment issues. I have trust issues. I have love issues.

What am I to do if he REALLY does love me?? He wants me to come visit him soon in ATL but.... I still sort of have my eyes on that one guy. Okay shoot me now.

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