Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Gotta Big Ego

I like to stroke my own ego at times. I bet I'm not the ONLY one but I'm probably the only person to admit it. I don't thrive from compliments from guys much-- depends on the type of compliment that is thrown out. Anything about my body?? Boo. I have curves. They are sexy. I'm sexy. Thanks. Carry on. If a guy says something about my face.. I smile. I love my face. :) Why? I have so much of it. What do I mean? I have so much going on on my face that you can't help but to love it. Nobody else on this planet has my face.. EXACTLY. Mother and younger sis come close as hell though [ha.ha.ha.] My small mouth; So small that its hard for me to take shots or drink from wide brim cups without having liquids spilling out the sides of my mouth. Even though my mouth is small, my lips are full. Awesome combination. Nobody has lips like me. They shall be tattooed on my next boo thingamajig.. I LOOOOVE my eyes. Nobody has eyes like me. So shapely and somewhat far apart. I'm often found squinting.. Thats my sexy face or I'm "smizing" (Smiling with my eyes.. Yes I've mastered everything Tyra Banks has taught me on America's Next Top Model & The Tyra Banks Show). I even do it on webcam pics. I look different in every picture that I take because I know how to work my face and I know my angles. One of the new homies I met took a picture of me on her cell & she said "Wow.. You look pretty without even doing anything to your face.. Not smiling or anything. I have to smile in all of my pics to look pretty". Oh yes, please allow me to dickride myself for a moment and say that Yes. It is true. My face is awesome. I love it. I wish more people were like me and admitted to being narcissistic. Like I always say: VANITY IS INSANITY. 

Now tell me, How big is your EGO?

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