Monday, May 17, 2010

Straight FUCKERY.

I was hanging out with some homies & they somehow asked about you know who. Hahaha.. Informed me that he was having a kid-- I was oblivious to this bit of information. Why wasn't I informed that he was expecting his first child. Ha. So a couple of days later after much thought & consideration, I decided to text him. The text simply said: "I heard you had a kid on the way- Congrats"

His response: Let's make one...

Me: Me & you? Umm no you already have one thats enough. smh
Him: Let's have sex. 
Me: Nahh
Him:Oh ok..

That is the fuckery I deal with. There's a reason why I don't talk to him at ALL anymore. I will not be your baby mama. Especially not baby mama #2. WTF I look like?

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