Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Before I had my LAST relaxer 19 months ago, my hair was severely broken off. This is what happened to my hair after taking care of it for a year by myself at Spelman. Yeah I was baldheaded. My  hair was freakin chin length. lol.. it barely tapped my neck in the back *sigh*

And after 19 months, look at how much growth I have! My hair actually touches my shoulders when I stretch it :) I'm trying to stay away from heat so you probably won't see my true length for a few more months.
I'm enjoying this growth.. Imagine how long it would be if I actually invested more money & time into it instead of just going with the flow. Oh! DevaCurl is worth the money. My curls are soooooo nice and my hair has less breakage and its actually not as dry!

Now why would I want to get a relaxer again?? Hmmmmm.... I got 99 problems but a perm ain't one!

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