Monday, May 31, 2010

Hair Update for May

This is the LAST time my hair was natural. I was 13. Thats what? 8 years ago??... Took me two years to grow out my relaxer. Of course I got my hair pressed then. This is also the longest my hair has EVER been. Let's hope that at the end of th year I'll be able to swing my hair around like this :) 
My freaking hair is ALWAYS caught up in a shot.. gotta love my poofy fro :)

and this my friends was my failed attempt to straighten my hair.. smh. you see how long my bang is?? ahhh!! its grown soo much since February! no longer bang length. I touches my lips =] And the back? Yes it touches my shoulders/back. Ahh!! Yes my hair has already passed up some of these chicks who have been trying to get their hair to grow for YEARS in a matter of months. Yes, I said it: MONTHS! The verdict? Natural Hair is nice but Healthy Hair is the reason for my hair growth. My hair is actually longer than it was before I decided to go natural! Go Bee!!

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