Friday, May 21, 2010

I've Been Thinking

I had a dream last night and it involves someones mother who passed years ago. Everyone knew that she was dead but they kept talking to her.. They were all happy to see her. The only thing is the people who were most touched by her- her family- were nowhere in my dream. It was my family members. Hmmmm... Strange.

But anywho, I have been thinking - quite a bit lately about a certain turn of events.  I'm almost happy that things ended up this way. I hate when people question my integrity. I don't lie. If you're going to accuse me of WRITING something about you or someone else, please screen cap it. Save that shit. Don't try to tell me what I've supposedly written on here but when I go back through all of my posts from now until October I see NOTHING. Oh but of course niggas these days don't like to read. A simple accusation is all you need. No proof. No evidence. Just say some outlandish shit and people will believe you. Oh what a world we live in.

I have enjoyed my time away from certain people and I do not miss them one bit. Grinding it out as only Bee can. Being me as always. Not holding my tongue for anyone. But whatever. That's over & done. I'm so tempted to finish the line "...but the heartache lives on inside" but there is no heartache over this way.

Today marks five years since my granny died. Damn, doesn't even seem that long.. I've been out of High School three years now. Yup, it is time to grow up. No more money from Daddy (I pray.) I'm cutting myself off by my 22nd birthday.

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