Thursday, May 27, 2010

Twitter Blues

I feel used by celebrities on twitter. They only interact with us fans when they have something to promote. An album coming out or a tour that has to sell out. After the album has dropped and most of the shows are sold out us fans get the cold shoulder. An occasional tweet here & there. Sometimes a tweet to a fan that makes their whole life. Or maybe a follow to a regular chick like myself instead of the groupie love given to those who gain their status by fucking up the ladder of rappers and men with power.

I could have my Stan moment. But I won't. =\

Oh shit. I just had an epiphany. The term 'stan' comes from the Eminem song "Stan" about the crazy fan who ends up killing himself because Em doesn't reply back to his fan mail. *sigh*

I remember last year-- last SUMMER, Trey Songz & Pleasure P would solely speak to the fans. They'd tweet us back, they'd ustream.. Trey eve answered calls from fans! Not now. Pleasure P responded to me ONCE. Michael Yo (Dude from E! News & Chelsea Lately) tweeted me back three times.. Amanda Diva responded once to me.. Erykah Badu responded numerous times. She even followed me. I was ecstatic. She even RT'd me. I made her LOL :)

NOw?? None of these celebs respond back.. Or hardly. smh. I feel used. At least Drake keeps it soooo extra gnarly. Tweets once a week. Says some shit that makes you say: Damn, thats real. & RT & favorite the fuck outta that shit!

I know, they have lives. They have jobs. Its just twitter.. but still man, I feel like the love is lost when the project has dropped. Thats why I unfollowed majority of the celebs. I only follow 6.. El Fin.

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