Wednesday, May 12, 2010


 I've been in a 'fuck the world' kind of mood for the last few days. I shouldn't be such a sour puss so I believe I need to spew out a bit of rainbows and psychedelic loveliness. The mushy ish. I LOVE my friends & they know me so well. They made this card for ME my last day at Spelman :)

That's our little saying.. Inside joke. Hahaha! Tias! 

**side note** Did you know how I got the name Bee? Well it came from Cheesy that turned to Beezy that was eventually shortened to Bee when I was in HS. Not B. Not Bey. Bee! Like Queen Bee, Honey Bee, Bumble Bee. I was even a bee for Halloween 2008. I LOVE Beyonce but my name has nothing to do with her. Sheesh. I mean my name is Brittney Michelle. Bee Michelle = B.Michelle (for my novels)

anywho, I have the best friends. I love Megan!!! She's awesome. 

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