Tuesday, May 18, 2010

three little words..

i love listening to love songs. ive never been in love though.
I only imagine how it would feel for a girl like me to be in love.
I never really heard the words, you know those three words, from a guy who really meant it.
I mean, a few have uttered it but I don't believe them.
I remember HE said it during sex.. but i think he meant to say IT instead of YOU.
Then he said it-- college. freshman year. Well maybe he meant it.. hmmm..
We were arguing. I was going off about something as always. Running my mouth.
I was upset.. I just wanted to leave. Too much too soon of course.
But then he grabbed he my face and turned it towards his.
He looked deeply into my eyes, I stared back into his.
And then he said it. Those three words.
It caught be by surprise.
I didnt know just what to say or how to react or what to do.
should i say it back?
Should i just stare at him?
should i just cry.
I really wanted to cry.
Too much too soon.
I said it back just to keep his feelings under wraps.
I didn't mean it. I liked him. Not that other word.
He didn't mean it, i thought.
but im sure he did..
I wonder if he still does..
I wonder if he still cares..
I wonder if i ever will.. you know.
say those three words & mean it.

The other two times I didn't really HEAR those three little words..
I read them.
How am I supposed to take you seriously when you drunkenly say that?
Do you really feel this way?
Should I move on, forget about it-- or should I stay?

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