Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anti-Gold digging

From a very young age I've received contradicting ideas and lessons from people.. My father has always told me that if I have to depend on a guy to buy me anything then I don't need it. I should NEVER take money from a guy. On the contrary certain friends have bashed me because I've never had guys spend loads of money on me. I mean, I can't seem to make myself use a guy even if he probably deserves to be used. I don't need that much bad karma in my life. I have enough.

No prostitution over here. If I have sex with you its because I like you or I like your penis; not because I'm trying to get pregnant or want you to spend the money on me. My daddy spoils me. If I want something, I get it. If he doesn't give it to me I work for it. If I can't get it on my own I really don't NEED it.

I'm waiting on love. Is that so hard to believe? That their is a chick out here in the world who isn't waiting for a man to come and take care of her?

I often have guys ask ME for money. I laugh at them. I will NOT be tricking off my money to any bitch. I may not want you to take care of me but I be damned if I go out and spend all of my money on you. Whatever. Stingy as I wanna be.

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