Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shots of 151...

... are the devil. A guy at the bar liked me and one of my new pals Chas' faces so he offered to buy us drinks. She requested her signature Bud Lite with lime and MADE me get a shot of 151. Ummm.. let's just say my throat was raw. I HATE shots! lol but i love them so!! Dude said that he had much respect for me after I did that. That made me *smile* =] Also had a few long island ice teas, buds, & some ish with a cherry. I'm pretty sure that black guys are NOT interested in me anymore.. I always get approached by the Spanish speaking Latino Lover or the Average Joe yet still cute White Whippersnapper. Do black men shy away from women with natural hair or afro puffs while nonblacks are kind of drawn to it?? Or are the nonblack guys just immune to the hairstyles that black women wear so it doesn't matter? Yea.. Until I get a weave or a relaxer the chocolate is not going to be sampled by this Honey Bee.

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