Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BET Awards 2010

Orgasmic let down. I was SO fired up to see Prince perform after he received the lifetime achievement award but he didnt! His greatness came JUST to see his portion of the show, said his little thank you and LEFT. smh.. and his Tribute was lackluster.. Sorry to all the Janelle Monae fans but her vocals were not good last night. Now her dancing?? Yes. That was great. The Esperanza chick pretty good. If Alicia wouldn't have climbed her pregnant ass up on top of that piano her set would've been boring as hell. And Patti Labelle just screamed for the whole damn song. She only sung 4 words. I promise. Maybe she sung 4 lines but before she could get to the chorus is was all screaming... Prince gave them the *side eye* I know yall saw his face like "This can't be a tribute to me.. this is the BEST there is? Psh.." OMG when Trey Songz tried to sing Purple Rain at the end of "Your Side of the Bed". Horrible. I like Trey but you can't do Prince. Or R.Kelly really. No more tributes for you.. I still love ya..  (Don't you think Rihanna shoulda came out & did a Prince song? They look sooo much alike and her hair is always very Prince-esqe.)

The highlight of the night had to be Chris Brown though. His tribute to Michael Jackson was damn near flawless. It was like a big kick in the ass to everyone who doubted him. Okay so he made a mistake but Mystikal still had fans after he raped a woman. Hell Boosie allegedly murdered a man..But everyone rocking with them still.. Chris knows what he did was wrong and hopefully he has learned from his mistakes. Its time to separate music from personal lives. I don't have to want to get with you but I can respect your talents. His crying was genuine. He was crying because he was doing a tribute to his IDOL and he wasn't allowed to do it last year; Everyone was actually giving him a chance to redeem himself; and the words to man in the mirror were exactly what he wanted to tell everyone about how he's trying to change himself..

Jay-z and Beyonce skipped out on the awards. Boo! Rihanna ass didn't come either.

Keyshia Cole OVERSANG the Airplanes song with B.o.B.. guess Hayley wasn't able to come *shrugs*

Usher did "There Goes My Baby..." I was expecting OMG.

Monica sung "Everything to Me" and had the original singer come out with her...

Queen Latifah was a good host. I'm ready for female MCs to make a comeback. Its about damn time. She must have inspired Nicki Minaj as well bc her acceptance speech pretty much killed any Lil Kim beef. (You hear that Kimmy?) I mean, leave the beefing to dudes. Women have to stick together.. Or we will forever be fighting. smh.. She won 3 awards too.. and performed twice. **Side Note** Where did Nicki’s boobs go?? She looks like a C/D girl now..

Drake performed. Soooo much better than last year. Brought out Jeezy.. Wore that same damn letterman he always wears. I want one though. Ima have to hit up OVO and see how I can get a Drake Starter Jacket. I expected them to do Unforgettable but no *sigh* Jeezy looked like he had on a damn straight jacket. pffft.

There was a Haiti tribute memorial thingy song with Kirk Franklin & nem.. Guess that counted as the gospel portion for this year..

Diddy performed & had Dawn&nem lookin like background dancers.. like they in the group and we didn't even hear them sing. Lip sync. thats about it. Ricky Rozay & Nicki got ALL the shine. Waka Flocka came on stage to shake his dreads & dipped out while Diddy did his Oh lets do it verse.. and he Diddy bop'd till he was all diddy'd out. I like the diddy bop. Could barely see nicki bc of all that damn smoke. smh

Funny moments: Young Money being seated wayyyy in the back because Lil Wayne is in jail. *sucks* Rasheeda being nominated for best female hip hop & the song they had was "Bubblegum"-- Like wtf?! That song came out when I was in HS!! 4 years old AT LEAST! (her along with Lil Kim were obvious fillers) smh.

El Debarge coming out to do a tribute to... himself? Oh okay. Keri Hilson lookin like a damn giraffe.Monica and them big ass shoulders on her shirt. Brandy & RayJ gettin all the camera time singing along to everybody awwww.. (brandy finally has bangs, whew). Kanye standing in one spot to perform, on top of that mountain.. TI performing a song nobody really knows or likes.. pffft. Rocsi in her Alexander McQueen outfit lookin like she aint know if she wanted to be Rihanna or Beyonce for the day.. And.....

The SHOW CHOIR AKA #GHETTOGLEE sounding HORRIBLE on the pre-show.. Bwahahahahhahahahahahahaahha! epic fail! uberfail! only one chick sounded good.. everyone else were not good singers. I coulda did that.

Did anyone else catch when Aleesha Renee blasted Cassie for fuckin Diddy on the red carpet?? bwahahahaha..

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