Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fuck a Free Boosie/Free Weezy..

Word on the street is that Lil Boosie has taken his own life ..*that was just a rumor. smh* I know that earlier today he indicted on first degree Murder charges. Not that I care.. I have no respect for those who take their own lives or the lives of others. And that is THAT. I'm not promoting violence or any illegal activities. How dare you scream out "Free Boosie/Free Weezy" like these are your saviours or something. They committed crimes. Repeatedly. They thought that they were ABOVE the law. They weren't innocent. Hell, Boosie ass KILLED someone. I can't get with that..

I have no respect for people like that. AT ALL.

If I see you with a Free ______ Tshirt on, I'm throwing paint on you like PETA. El fin.

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