Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wack Sex..

The last couple of times I have had sex it has been horribly wack. Yes, I said it- WACK! I'm talking so bad I don't even wanna wait for him to finish. I just say "Okay, I'm done.. bye." Yea that bad. The reason may not even be him,.. I'm sure its probably just the fact that I don't actually like him like that or maybe its just I'm too caught up in something else that I can't focus on him or the sexual intercourse. I'm so fed up with not being satisfied. I rather just go cold turkey. I think I do this every summer. I don't talk to any guys right now. I'm not lonely though. I do still have my friends but NO SEX.

Too bad that the person that I want has cut me off completely. Mentally, physically. Might be for the best. I honestly don't want to think about that one at all anymore. I bet I will though....

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