Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheap Vodka & No Panties..

Last night I got chocolate wasted. Woke up and threw up three times. I also noticed that my hair was no longer straight. After my second trip to the bathroom I realized that I was completely naked =/ Only thing I had on was my strapless bra.

Well I soon found out that I fell into the shower.. Or jumped in there or something. Idk. I just know that I tried to "sober myself up". I'm the smartest drunk person I know. I was curled up in a ball in the shower with the water running and they kept asking me if i was okay and i'd look up, smile and say "I'm Fine!"

No more cheap liquor for me. I don't have drunken pics and I did not scar my face up :)

But I had a blast last night with Leslie, Chasitti & Brooke. No woohoo. I danced my buns off. Free drinks. Good shit.

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