Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank Me Now

I like the new album.. many guys on twitter aren't feeling it and say it isn't as good as So Far Gone,  but I think Thank Me Later is a great album, it just doesn't have ONE stand alone hit. Get me? Like each track couldn't make it on its own but together its a pretty good album. I loved OVER.. I just feel that Drake should focus on R&B instead of rapping. He even said himself he made music to fuck too & music for us ladies. Stick to what you know. We're not expecting you to be rapping about drinking & smoking.. Hell, I like that you have some emotions. I like that about you Drizzy.. If niggas wanna hear somebody rap about smoking & gettin high all the time hit up Wiz.. That's all i'm saying. Shut It Down is my favorite.. Resistance, Thank Me Now, Miss Me.. Cece's Interlude (who da fuck is CeCe?) --

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