Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sticky Sitch

Social networking sites seem to expose errebody. Like.. I'm tweeting a dude and he says something like you taste sweet and I'm like whoa nelly.. Errebody can't know that you've tasted the honey. Sheesh. EXPOSED!

I mean I aint tryna keep it all a secret but when I see that you follow the homie and he tweeting you and I'm tweeting bout him but me & you had a little rendezvous too-- whew. Sticky Sitch.

Or if you post a status talkin bout love & relationships and all the sideliners comment as well as the 'main'.. lmao. And they're all oblivious to the other.. damn. damn. damn.

These games we play. Be careful foe you end up being hurt. Love & War baby.

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