Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Cold..

This morning I was conversing with this guy and he said something that hurt me and I told him it did.. He then said that it was hard to tell when things really get to me because I'm so cold. Cold. I don't think I've ever  been described as such before.

If you read the things I post or blog about then you'd know me pretty well but in person I'm somewhat different. I'm not saying that I'm not being myself online but I'm just more open when I'm alone than when I'm with another person. I can't tell you how much I care about you to your face but I can write you a letter and you will know that all that is on my mind.

But am I really cold? Damn. I'm human too! I have emotions! I have bad days just like the rest of the world. Nobody realizes that shit though.

This is always the issues. I always get the comment on how I'm different from other chicks but I don't see how. I'm really more like them than you think. Whats wrong is wrong. Beleee dat.

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