Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fuck Men

*warning: this post may contain male bashing..*

So I've set my mood for the day.. and the weekend. FUCK MEN.. YOU CAN ALL DIE.. SLOWLY. Why do I feel this way?? Oh can we just say that men only want one thing.. they try to mask their true wants and desires with the false hopes of a 'relationship' OR they throw up this stupid notion of "hey lets talk" when they know good and damn well I don't do talking. Either we're together or we're not. No complicated relationship here. Just tell me whats REAL. Tell me how you FEEL. Do you want me? Do you need me? Do you like me? What do you want from me?! That's all I want to know... 

If you just want woohoo- let me know. Don't try to tell me you miss me at 12am and want to come through and see me when I know the truth is that you just want to come by and get the goodies. Don't use that tired ass excuse "We're grown.." either. Yes I know we're grown but that doesn't mean that I am so grown I don't deserve to be treated like the princess father brought me up as. Since we are grown we should engage in grown up conversation about grown up things.. not only woohoo. 

It's my own fault though. I know I just ooze sex appeal *side eye* and that my constant flirting can make it seem like I desire you sexually. The truth is I don't need your penis. Your tongue? Well that's another story. We can get the tongue any time any place. Your penis? Ew.. I'd rather masturbate.

fuck men!

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