Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Bash 2010

I'm planning my OWN birthday bash this year. Depending on your "friends" to surprise you or attempt to plan something like you did for them just doesn't seem to cut it... Oh wait, My true friends ALWAYS made sure we did something great on my birthday. Like my 19th & 20th Bee Days in Atlanta (they only knew me for a couple of weeks-- & still did more than my so called 'friends' I've known for years have EVER done). Ha. Hilarity. Oh & let's not forget about my 18th Birthday in Huntsville- Oh wait, I planned that one with Kenyetta for myself. 17th?? Oh another event planned by ME. Yeah, its safe to say that the only true friends I've ever had were from the A. Not salty though. Just looking back and realizing things for what it is... You can go back and repeat this if you want but you know its true. I could go into details but I won't. Lol. Anywho..

Since my 21st birthday SUCKED, I vow to make my 22nd epic. Already got word from my Birthday Twin John in ATL about the festivities. WILL be in the A on September 16, 2010. With my friends. I think I'm taking my BFF with me as well. I know thats like 3 months away but it must be better than last year. Hell, baking myself a cake would be better than last year.

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