Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here is an excerpt of some shit I’ve been writing.. I thought I could write about what I know and specific experiences but now I feel as if that is too hard & NOT worthy of posting online. Especially since everyone thinks that they know who or what I’m talking about… Or love to play this stupid game of run tell that. Oh well. This could be real. This could all just be make believe. Its just a few lines- Not even a whole page. Exceptions.
I looked up at him and gazed intensely into is dark brown eyes thinking that I could find one drop of love for me still in them. I saw nothing. I never saw such an emotionless stare before in my life. It was as if he had no soul- a soulless loveless creature that stared back at me. I guess he saw the tears beginning to well up in my eyes because his emotionless stare suddenly turned harsh & sort of angry. He glared at me like I had done something wrong. “What the fuck you crying for?” he managed to sputter while I quickly wiped my eyes dry, smearing my eyeliner so I looked rather raccoonish. “You don’t look at me the same way anymore… You don’t love me like you used to. I’m beginning to think you never loved me..” I said as my voice trailed off into the stiff air that suddenly filled the room as I mentioned that L word. LOVE. What I had been working to get for years from him. Love. What a silly word to be uttering to him now after the bullshit he put me through but I couldn’t help how I felt. He sort of rescued me and I fell for him after a few months.

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