Monday, June 14, 2010

He Said

He said that if I gave him my number, he’d call. He texted.
He said that if I chilled with him, we’d go out to the movies and what not. He took me to his apartment and we watched DVDs.
He said that if I spent the night with him he wouldn’t try to do anything. He tried to woohoo all night long.
He said that he was single. He changed his relationship status on facebook, & its NOT with me.
He said that if I gave him a little time he’d make sure that we would be together. He ended up with a kid- and I’m not the mother.

He said so much shit that I really didn’t believe but I tried to think that HE was different. The signs were all there. I knew that He wasn’t different. I knew that he wasn’t right for me but I just kept thinking that he’d eventually change for me or something. That he was just trying to not show that he really cared for me. Silly little Bee. Bumbled little Bee is now Jumbled. I should have just followed my heart; Trusted my instincts; Used my noggin; Peeped his wack game- but I didn’t. I was looking at the situation with my rose colored glasses on tight and low.

I’m not saying I believed him or that I’m hurt. I’m just thinking why do I always foreshadow the whole course of the relationship from the beginning and when it finally happens I act surprised. I’m not surprised. I’m not shocked. I know what it is. I just hoped that my sixth sense is wrong and it never is.

I’m still waiting for one guy to show me that all men aren’t the same. That all men aren’t liars, cheaters, deceivers, heartbreakers.. That all men aren’t a waste of time, energy & space in my life. That all men aren’t great pretenders. Until then I will continue to say that all of you are the same. You aint shit and that you can’t get shit from me.

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Alesia-Mason said...

This is right on point for me . I had to post a link on my facebook page because I think EVERYBODY should read this.