Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Complimentary Actions

I’ve received a few compliments from people I wouldn’t expect to like natural hair. You know those chicks who always have a head full of hair or rock lace fronts or who initially looked at me like I was crazy for cutting my hair off.

One day I was walking from the pool with my BFF and saw two girls I went to High School with who haven’t seen me since 2007. I had recently had the sides of my hair braided up into a frohawk and the front was sort of hanging down with these beautiful thick spiraled curls that just bounced around when I walked.100522-201746

After speaking to these chicks for awhile one said “What you put on your hair?” I replied, “Nothing...” “You lying, thats not even possible. You have some weave in there huh?” “Nope” I said and I laughed, “I promise its all my hair..” She then asks “Come here & let me touch it because I don’t believe you..” So I walk over to her and bend down and let her ‘root me’ and she’s amazed. “Oh my gosh.. Its so soft. I didn’t know you had hair like this.. how did you get it this way?” Her sister replied “You must used some curl activator on it on it or something. Its too curly.”

Idk bout you but for someone to automatically assume that I had a curly weave in or curl activator to achieve what God has blessed me with naturally made my day :)

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Yakitori said...

Haha I always take that as a high compliment too. "How do you get your hair like that?" they ask and I get to smile and say, "It grows that way". :)