Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Uterus.. My Womb

My uterus is being subliminally attacked. Dudes calling me they baby mama/future baby mama.. Dudes talking about how we'd make "pretty babies".. Man, why my uterus?! Now I've had unprotected woohoo before and I've had some mishaps but luckily my uterus produces its own brand of spermicidal lubricants. I'm just lucky. I'm almost 22. Still too freaking young to be the mother of anyone's child. And if I was to ever become preggers please believe the child would get shipped off to its father ASAP. I can't handle kids. Unless we're playing and having fun, they annoy me. Crying & diapers? Oh lawd you know I can't deal! Wooooooo!

I'm just saying, I know I'd have some pretty cute chubby cheeked and pouted lip babies with curly hair but damn, let's wait awhile and do it the right way. Put a ring on it. Live together for at least a year. THEN bring on the kiddies. Brown babies are the best :)

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