Monday, June 14, 2010

Cry Baby Bee

Lately I’ve been beyond emotional. I cry all of the time. I cried the other night because I felt that no one loved me (besides my family & friends). Last week I cried during a family argument. Crying when I’m mad or upset is inevitable.

Today I cried because I told this guy I was going to. Sounds stupid but its true. I plan on crying all day tomorrow. I will cry until I can’t cry anymore. I will get out all of my feelings at once.

Crying is good for me. Hell I’m crying right now thinking aout crying. I can’t believe I’m so emotional though. I live in my head.. This is exactly what the therapist told me. I keep too much bottled up inside and then when something dramatic happens I just explode with every emotion I have stored up and every emotion I have ever felt comes out at once.

Yes, I’ve gone to therapy. The best decision i’ve ever made as an adult. I think I’m going to sign up for more sessions.

Writing helps me. If I didn’t write I’d probably be in trouble right now.

I usually cry because I realize that I’ve been single since 2007 and I feel that I will never find love or that I will never be in love.

I could be more specific but… I rather not. :) All smiles though. These tears are happy tears:)

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