Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Big Color Debate

I was on today & I saw a post about R. Kelly's Ms. Chocolate video.. & someone left a comment about their not being an all dark skin cast.. Umm 1: Chocolate comes in all flavors. 2: Who cares?

I'm sorry, dark skin chicks hush up. You always feel as if the light skin girls get more shine. And some do. But who cares? Do YOU want to be in the video or something? The artist don't even have control over whose in the video so get mad at the record label.

Remember the Eric Benet song for "Chocolate Legs"? A beautiful dark chocolate lady with natural hair was the leading lady. No, you didn't see that. You only focus on the other videos with the "racially ambiguous/exotic" looking girls. There are more things you could be fighting for instead of the constant battle between our own race based on this old ass skin tone ish.

If its not the dark skin vs light skin ish, its the natural vs relaxed debate. Real hair vs Fake hair ish. White vs Black. North vs South/East vs West. Ghetto/hood vs Suburban. Rich vs Poor. Blah blah blah..

You don't see the flabby men around the world complaining that only ripped and juiced up looking men have shine. NO! Flabby men don't care!

Well fuck it. I want to see all of the chicks with stretch marks on their asses represented in the music videos now. Its unfair that they don't have us on their with all of our sexiness.... Oh so I'm the only one whose gonna admit to having stretch marks?? Hmph.. I guess.


Yakitori said...

Amen(and I'm pretty dark btw). I also have stretch marks, lol. Most of the women complaining just need to look in the mirror, do better, and stop being thirsty. Was never one to hate on a light-skin chick with long hair nor was I ever one to "look for myself" in dolls, movies, etc. It's incredibly lame how much women need the media to affirm their beauty. And another thing on the whole natural vs. relax debate...I'm a little sick of naturals STILL complaining that we're not represented in the media. No, maybe not in Hollywood but then there's a reason for that and I'm not mad about it. But shoot, I can't watch a commercial for anything nowadays without seeing a black woman rocking kinks and curls. It's almost like if they cast a black woman, they require that she has them. However, I'm not getting a big head about it, I just notice it. People need to toot their own horns and keep it moving. Represent YOURSELF as you're the one ultimately responsible for that.

Bee Michelle said...

my next blog was gonna be about naturals in commercials!! from birth control, to Dove! Special K! ALL NATURAL women. smh