Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nicki, get your people!

Dear Barbies & Kens, Before you go and call yourself something "Lewinsky", you should know who the Lewinsky chick is. You may be too young to remember but there was this white house intern, Monica Lewinsky, & SHE gave then President- BILL CLINTON a little oral pleasure. Yes, You're calling yourself a whore. How does it feel now? Yes, you look silly. Nicki Minaj, please inform your followers what exactly they are getting themselves into. I guess your fans really are young.. Anyone born in the 90s probably doesn't even remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I advise you to google.. or just wikipedia it. From the blue dress stain to EVERYTHING! lol.. President Clinton was IMPEACHED for all of this you know..


Anonymous said...

Vividly Bland eh,
Dear Brittany M. Booker,
For your information I am sure of the scandal...
I choose my name to be that way for a reason I am not a whore in no way affiliated with hoe's. Im glad you choose to " entertain " your readers perhaps that is not the case. Lmfao being a little beside yourself can lead you to saying the wrong things. I had ppl inform me of you using my name in this blog which is merely refreshing. I am not mad cause I went to high school for you and knew you for many years and I know how the " B " booker can be haaa..... yes I know... But that is your opinion. Im sure ppl informed me of this blog so I can act a "fool" but I wont ! You just a little overrated haha !

Bee Michelle said...

Dear Amber Wiggs,
Yes I used your 'name' for the purpose of this blog. It served its purpose. I find it kind of ironic that people would want to CALL themselves after a woman who is only known for giving then President Bill Clinton head! Why? Because Nicki Minaj called herself Nicki Lewinsky in a song.

Actually, my name Bee comes from my ex nickname which was BEEZY- which is a combination of my childhood name "Cheesy" and the first letter of my name Brittney. Nothing to do with Beyonce at all! Yes I love Beyonce but that has nothing to do with my name. I don't mind that people told you that your name was on here. It is what it is. Never had anything against you personally but I do have something against every person who calls themselves Lewinksy.

I must not be too overrated because persons still love to read EVERY little thing I post on here. Do you see my blog views? Over 40,000. And that's just since January 2010!

Nothing was a secretive. Nothing was behind anyone's back. Its just my opinion. I speak my mind. You're more than welcome to speak yours.

♥ Bee