Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sex sells. How do I know this is true? LOOK at the songs you like & the artists who sing them. If Nicki Minaj had a little ass & no tits would you want to be like her? NO. If Ciara didn't make a song about Riding a dick would you listen? NO! Her last album Fantasy Ride was practically ignored even with a song with Justin Timberlake. No. Ciara had to take it back to mieusick biz 101: Talk about sex. Show your body. Get sexy with it. Make a cutesy reference to sex but spray a lil PG 13 flare on it & insert BEAT for the word dick. Now you can have a radio hit. Parents won't be too worried. I mean she's just talking about dancing. Hahahahaha.

I can do it big
I can do it long
I can do whenever or however
You want
I can do it up and down
I can do circles
To him I’m a gymnast
This one is my circus

you get the gist.. lol. I can't lie. I LOVE this song. But I like sex. I like to RIDE it & when I sing these lyrics I'm thinking about ONE guy: A_____! :)

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