Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I remember when the TIP DRILL song came out. I hated it. Since I had an ass I always heard the line "It must be your cuz it aint your face..." I loved Nelly tho. & I cried when I heard that line lol. ALSO, it made me want to hide my ass. The first time I heard that line I had on this tight tube dress out of that cheap ass rayon fabric. It was brown & beiged. Striped. I got to wear it to school because I wore my cropped denim jacket over it. I paired it with a my knee high brown platform boots that were dubbed roach stumpers. I thought I was FRESH. & I knew I was fine because my baby cakes had just enough jiggle in that loose yet clingy material.

Anywho, I posted this video for your viewing pleasure. I know as a Spelmanite this is totally against everything I've been taught but it reminds me of a simpler time. A time where after I grooved to Midnight Love I got to stay up a little bit later and at 2am BET UNCUT came on. My favorite videos? Money in a ziplock bag (video below) & tell me what that thang smell like.

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