Tuesday, March 9, 2010

another hair story..

I never post the products I use on my hair because it changes daily/monthly. What works for me probably won't work for you since I have thin ass hair & I hate for it to be oily. Most products "naturals" use are Olive oil drenched shea buttered up & alll of that. Not I. I'm a minimalist. I like my hair to be clean & kinda dry. All that olive oil & shea butter i put in my hair ends up on my forehead and i break out frequently! I hate it. I rather have clean blemish free skin than an over saturated head of hair. I love my curls but I sometimes neglect them because I love my face more. Yes I'm vain. & WHAT?!

I do however use products I used prior to becoming natural but the kind that has olive oil & avocado added to it like Garnier fructis.. & Frizz-ease by John Frieda because it actually makes my curls MORE defined. Heat protectant called profectiv and.. thats bout it. I love my hair though.. enjoy the pics :)

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