Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I often talk about my cakes alot.. Do you guys know what I'm referring to?

If you guessed ass, you're right but not quite.

 I know you remember this?? Yup. showing off my lovely CURVES!!! 
 Cakes? why yes.. These are cakes too :)
 I know i look rough but still.. fat?? hahaha
 Fat?? Hmmmmm Definitely in a two piece :)
 You can even see my cakes when I'm kneeling down :)
cakes :)
My cakes are my hips, thighs & ass all combined together. Proud of em. Fat is in style again I guess because in NONE of these pictures was I under 150lbs. Yeah.. I was 150+ in all these pics. THATS always been my weight range. Sometimes I get in the 140lbs but that's when I wear a size 7. SKINNY on me. Think on that :)

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